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  • Need original music for a commercial, movie or video game?
  • Need to shine musical light on the incredible lyrics that you wrote?
  • Want to add the indispensable energy of a full band to your latest singer/songwriter masterpiece?
  • Looking for a tailor-made beat to bump with those flaming hot bars?

Look no further, P-Side Studio has got you covered. We have countless years of experience in a plethora of different genres. We will listen to your needs and help amplify the impact of your creative ambitions through our meticulous production techniques.

All you need to do is feed us with your passion. We take care of everything else.

Directly transform your ideas into rich, complex, and superbly polished audio files.

One step, no headaches, no compromise.

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  • Trying to lay down all the tracks for your next single without breaking the bank?
  • Tired of feeling rushed when in the studio, knowing every extra minute costs you precious funds?

Over at P-Side Studio, you won't need to worry about doing things quickly. Instead, worry about doing things right.

With our flat rate, recording can take place throughout the span of multiple sessions at no extra cost.

Mixing / Mastering

You've just finished recording your song. You can hear the passion, the essence, the emotions! Sadly, all that creative essence has left behind a little bit of mud.

No worries! We've got your back.

With our trained ear and unmatched attention to detail, P-Side Studio is sure to make your voice shine, your strings radiate, and your bass SLAP.

All Inclusive Deluxe Recording Recording Mix / Master Master

To book a free consultation, please send an email to : studio@pside.ca